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New York, NY—September 21, 2020. Candid today released the 2020 Nonprofit Compensation Report. Derived from Candid’s GuideStar database, this annual report reviews key employee compensation at more than 113,000 tax-exempt organizations for fiscal year 2018. The report, now in its 20th edition, remains the only large-scale analysis based entirely on IRS data. 

Jenna Allen, senior data services analyst at Candid, said, “Accurate, complete, and authoritative information on the social sector is more important than ever. Our 20th annual Nonprofit Compensation Report continues to be the most comprehensive nonprofit compensation study available. This year, we’ve updated the report’s official name and fully automated the data. At Candid, we remain committed to providing the latest information to support excellence throughout the social sector.”    

The 2020 Nonprofit Compensation Report shows that there are still significant differences between the compensation of males and females, but it also revealed a continuing trend. Between 2017 and 2018, the percent of women leading organizations increased in six of the nine budget groups and remained the same in the other three groups. With one exception, however, the size of the female CEO pay gap remained the same or even increased from 2017 to 2018. 

2020 Nonprofit Compensation Report chart_Leadership, Pay gap by gender


Other findings from the 2020 report include: 

  • Incumbent CEO compensation increased steadily: The median percentage increases for CEOs in 2018 were in line with or slightly higher than the median percentage increases in 2017, regardless of gender or organization size. 
  • Cause area and mission affected compensation: Health, science, and technology nonprofit organizations compensated with highest median salaries, whereas religion and animal-related organizations had the lowest median compensations. 
  • More observations since last year: Using a new classification model to assign title categories, the number of observations in this year’s report increased in 13 out of 14 title categories, specifically for job titles other than CEO/executive director.  

Learn more about Candid's 2020 Nonprofit Compensation Report here. To request a media copy of the report, contact


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