Using Foundation Center's hGrant Reporting Format

The hGrant format allows you to post your grants data in an easily accessible list on your website and provide more timely information to the Foundation Center by just sharing a link to your grants feed.

There are several ways to implement hGrant:

  1. Check whether your grants management software provider supports hGrant on our software partners page. If your provider supports hGrant, contact your client success manager or other contact. They can assist you with setting up and testing your feed.
  2. If your software provider does not support the format, you can develop your own hGrant feed (please consult our hGrant specifications for information on what to include). While this option maximizes your control over how the feed works, it requires significant technical capacity within your organization (such as an application developer).
  3. Use the Open hGrant WordPress plugin, which helps organizations publish and report grants data from any grants management system.
  4. If you are interested in using the hGrant plugin but do not have a website, Foundation Center offers a free Foundation Websites service which has hGrant built in.

Once your feed is set up, send the link to We will then test that the feed is working correctly and share a copy of the data we will be uploading to our database to make sure it is appearing as you expect. Information will be downloaded every night unless you specify a different timeline for updates.

If you make updates to a grant once it has been posted, it will automatically over-write the previous information. When making updates, include complete data, and not just the field being updated. Updated grants must use the same unique ID as the original grant to trigger the update process. Otherwise, they will be included as new grants.

For information about which fields can be included, please refer to the hGrant specifications.