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Nonprofit profiles
2.7 million
Expanded grantmaker profiles
15 million
Dollar value of grants
$600 billion+

Data processing

What we do with the data

Collect > clean > code > share

We collect data from the IRS and other government agencies around the world, from funders and nonprofits directly, and many other sources. Every year, we gather information on more than 4 million grant records and hundreds of thousands of organizations to provide the field with the most accurate, timely and comprehensive information possible. This data is then cleaned and coded according to our taxonomy so that it’s easy for you to find the information you’re looking for.

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Our classification system has been broadly adopted

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Capturing and classifying the work of the sector

Philanthropy Classification System

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eReporting Program

Quickly and easily share useful grants data with the field via our eReporting program.

Profile Update Program

You have the power to choose what tens of millions of people see about your organization. Update your nonprofit profile.