Virtual, global, local

Candid’s information on the social sector travels well beyond the millions of users who come directly to our websites every year. Our reach is amplified exponentially by the hundreds of organizations, websites, communities, and donor-facing applications that share Candid’s information and resources with their tens of millions of users.  

For example, the leading and best-known donation, fundraising, and social networking websites use Candid as their source for information on nonprofit organizations, while trusted local organizations make our databases and trainings accessible to their communities.  

We take great pride in the vastness and diversity of our relationships with partners, supporters, and clients. While Candid’s framework on how we develop and maintain our network will continue to evolve, we’re pleased to spotlight some of the great organizations we work with and direct you to ways you can join in. 

Candid's networks and channels

Candid offers multiple ways for organizations and companies to either formally join one of our existing networks or to establish themselves as information providers as a participant in our data distribution channel. 

The Funding Information Network 

Libraries, community foundations, co-working spaces, nonprofits and nonprofit resource centers allow partners to become nonprofit funding experts in their own local communities. This affiliate program is 390+ partners strong and offers partners the ability to provide free, local access to Candid’s signature databases and trainings at locations in the U.S. and around the globe. Learn more and apply. 

Platforms powered by Candid  

Hundreds of charitable and donation platforms and socially minded businesses that support nonprofits and foundations use Candid’s data to better inform their users. Candid’s data powers donor advised funds, donation portals, social media networks, and many more philanthropically related applications in order to support their mission and goals. Explore these partners and their platforms or learn more about using Candid to power your platform. 

CF Insights 

We work with a network of 100+ U.S.-based community foundations with expertise on field-wide foundation trends. By sharing knowledge within the community, these foundations leverage peer benchmarking data to make informed strategic decisions. Learn more and apply.  

Partner with Candid

We are always looking for new partners to expand the places and ways our information can help the people of the social sector. If you want to partner with Candid, we’d love to hear from you.  

If you are interested in learning more about how Candid can enhance your business, please contact Wayne Harris.  

If you’re a grantmaking organization, nonprofit or non-governmental organization, regulatory agency, infrastructure group, or association/affinity group serving the social sector, we welcome the opportunity to explore with you, learn from you, and work with you.