About the network

Candid’s global network of partners connects nonprofits to the resources they need to thrive in the postal codes of every major U.S. city and many points in between.

The Funding Information Network program is nonprofit outreach "in-a-box," enabling organizations to become local nonprofit funding experts.

The program packages include access to our world-class web-based application, Foundation Directory Online, product and training certification courses, and support materials to assist your local nonprofit community. Want to support your nonprofit and small business community as a go-to fundraising resource? Join the network.

A large group of people sit around a large wooden table, listening to a presentation led by a Candid staff member

"As a Funding Information Network (FIN) Partner we are able to provide a community resource that would not otherwise be accessible to hundreds of nonprofit staff and other grantseekers in Maine."

—Funding Information Network Partner

Benefits of joining the network

  • Unparalleled resources
    Being a network partner means gaining access to Foundation Directory Online and more funding information resources to offer your communities and harness for your own capacity building--and at a deep discount compared to what you would pay as an organizational subscriber.
  • Brand and program model
    As a partner, you'll have the ability to tap into the global credibility of Candid's brand and enjoy enhanced visibility for your organization through the exclusive resources and learning opportunities you provide.
  • Training and guidance
    In addition to Candid's products and training materials, network partners benefit from free in-person and online training and conferences as well as a wider network of like-minded partners.

Meet our program staff

Julieta Mendez
Senior Director of Network Engagement
Pronouns: she/her
Asya Dinets
Director of Network Engagement
Pronouns: she/her
Brian Schultz
Network Engagement Manager
Alexis Flannagan
Network Engagement Manager - South
Susan Shiroma
Network Engagement Manager - Northeast
Sam Ryder
Network Engagement Manager - Midwest
Lori Guidry
Network Engagement Manager - West

Nominate an organization

Do you know of an organization that would make a great partner? Let us know and we will reach out.