Get on the Map

Through this campaign, regional associations of grantmakers can run their own peer-led campaigns to recruit members to share grants data using Foundation Center's eReporting Standard. The data is then centralized, structured and made freely accessible to all members in the region through a custom map developed within the Foundation Maps platform — a highly interactive and searchable mapping tool.

In addition to your custom map, this data will also power valuable resources for your region including:

  1. Regional Giving DashboardsRegionals are eligible for affordable dynamically-updating giving dashboards that visualize the most current giving priorities, populations served, and strategies for the region. Example: Foundation Stats: Illinois.
    See all regional dashboards.
  2. Giving ReportsEnsure that your giving reports reflect the most current, complete and accurate overview of giving trends for your region. Example: Giving in Illinois 2018

Join the community of funders sharing their data to ensure the field has the best information to act on.

Email Us for a consultation to see if this is the right fit for your region!

Blog Posts

"Get on the Map: Technology Fostering Collaboration and Shared Knowledge" Transparency Talk (Glasspockets, a service of Foundation Center)

Sara Davis is the director of grants management at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in Menlo Park, California. She can be reached at or on Twitter@SaraLeeeDeee.)

"A New Standard: "Get on the Map" and the Urgent Need for Better Data in Philanthropy," Keeping a close eye on philanthropy...NCRP's blog

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy explains the importance of Get on the Map for the sector. This national effort could give regional associations of grantmakers, affinity groups, advocacy organizations, individual foundations and many more stakeholders a better grasp of the state of grantmaking on a granular, local level.

"Doing Good Is About to Get Better," PhilanTopic (Philanthropy News Digest, a service of Foundation Center)

Maggie Gunther Osborn is president of the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy, an association of grantmakers committed to promoting and supporting effective philanthropy for the public good. In this guest blog post, Maggie discusses the "Get on the Map" campaign, a partnership of the Forum Network and Foundation Center

"E-What?" PhilanTopic (Philanthropy News Digest, a service of Foundation Center)

Joyce White of Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington (GOSW) has authored a guest blog post on the Foundation Center's Philantopic blog detailing GOSW's history working with the Foundation Center and the steps that lead to the announcement of a strategic alliance between the Forum Network and the Foundation Center.

Press Release

New Forum Partnership with Foundation Center Will Deliver Data, Research, and Tools

The Forum Network and Foundation Center have entered into an exciting new partnership that will improve the quality and effectiveness of grantmaking nationwide through the strategic collection and sharing of data on philanthropy.