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Foundation Landscapes

Dive deep into an issue area with curated information and cutting-edge data tools

Developed in partnership with funders and philanthropy networks, Foundation Landscapes present curated data and information to guide funding decisions—and maximize your impact.

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Did you know we create curated web portals on important causes?

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Philanthropy's response to the coronavirus

Which funders are supporting the response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and where is that funding going?

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Research reports and IssueLab

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Original research from our experts

We’ve been tracking the work of  foundations and civil society organizations for decades. How can we help you understand the scale of the foundation sector, its grantmaking priorities, and the organizations it supports?

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IssueLab collects and shares knowledge about critical social issues

Lessons learned in the field have greater and more enduring value when others can build on them. Explore free research from social sector organizations around the world.

Recent reports include

Data visualization

Foundation Maps

See foundation funding come to life

What is being funded around the world? Where is funding going? And who is providing it? Drill down in these interactive data visualizations by geographic area, subject area, population(s) served, type of support, and overlay demographics information to explore the funding landscape.

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What does funding in your cause area look like?