Why work at Candid?

We cultivate talent and collaboration

We work in collaborative teams and enjoy a work ethic and culture commonly found in the tech sector. We employ more than 200 people across the country and have offices in New York, NY; Williamsburg, VA; Washington, DC; Cleveland, OH; Atlanta, GA; and Oakland, CA.

More than anything, today's Candid relies on talent. Our vision is an ambitious one. But we know that when we make investments in our talent, it translates to more access and better knowledge for those working for social good around the world.

Why work with us?

Our values

We’re driven. We make an impact in everything we do.

We’re direct. We communicate with integrity and clarity.

We’re accessible. We ask, “How can we help?” and we mean it.

We’re curious. We listen, collaborate, and innovate.

We’re inclusive. We incorporate equity, inclusion, and respect for diverse perspectives in all our work.

Current opportunities

DevOps Engineer

New York, NY

Knowledge Management Specialist

Flexible, with preference given to candidates located in cities where Candid has a larger staff base (Atlanta, Cleveland, New York City, Oakland, Washington D.C., and Williamsburg, VA)

Software Engineer

Williamsburg, VA

Software Tester–Quality Assurance Engineer

Williamsburg, VA, or New York, NY

What we offer

Retirement plan

Retirement plan

We automatically contribute to your retirement plan and require no employee matching. If you do choose to contribute, at the end of each quarter Candid will match $0.50 for each $1.00 you contribute up to 5% of your annual base salary.

Personal leave

Personal leave

We offer a generous paid time off package plus eleven holidays and three early closings. Employees are also offered maternity leave, parental leave and the opportunity to take up to two days off per year to volunteer.  We also provide compassionate leave for those who are dealing with the unfortunate loss of a family member.

Health and wellness

Health and wellness

Our health coverage is a rich point of service plan with a leading insurer. Our low co-pays are practically unheard of. Plus, we provide dental coverage, as well as comprehensive life and disability insurance.

Additional benefits

Additional benefits

Employees have the option of signing up for pre-tax transit, supplemental insurance, and flexible spending account (FSA) benefits. We also offer an employee assistance program.