T. Sylvester John
Vice President, Last Mile Delivery - eCommerce Operations

As a Vice President in Walmart’s eCommerce (Central) Operations, Sylvester is in the center of one of the most strategic priorities for the company - intersection of digital and physical retail. Within this space, he previously had divisional responsibility for store pickup field operations across select regions, business development, digital customer experience, new customer propositions, and internal governance management; now he leads last mile delivery.  

Preceding his current assignment, Sylvester served as the Walmart West Africa Executive for 2 years, based in Nigeria. Previously he had numerous experiences in various departments within the Fresh Grocery merchandising unit of Walmart US, including managing a $600 million portfolio within Dairy.

Prior to Walmart, Sylvester had a long career with the international development organization, Enactus, where he was International President and founding head of their Office for Strategic Initiatives. Prior to joining Enactus he held the position of Marketing Specialist with United Parcel Service’s (UPS) business development division in North Florida; before which he was their Human Resources Recruiter, hiring employees for the company’s second largest hub.

Sylvester graduated from the University of North Florida (UNF) with Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in both Marketing and Management and pursued an MBA at Webster University. Currently a board director of the leading source for global philanthropy, Candid (formerly Foundation Center), Sylvester also served as the USA and Ghana Chairman of the world’s largest strategy and management competition, Global Management Challenge. He received the Constituency for Africa’s African Pioneer award in 2012 and his Alma Mata, University of North Florida, honored him in 2007 and 2009 with the Outstanding Alumnus of the Year and Prime Osborne Distinguished Business Leader awards, respectively.

A native of Sierra Leone with US dual citizenship, Sylvester has spent more than 13 years living in Nigeria, Ghana and Togo. He and his wife now live in Bentonville, AR (USA) with their two daughters.