Matt Gee
Co-founder and CEO

Matt Gee is co-founder and CEO at BrightHive, a public benefit corporation that designs, develops, and manages data collaboratives. BrightHive works with public and private-sector collaboratives to put in place a legal, technical, and governance framework called a data trust, empowering collectives of organizations to responsibly share, integrate, and use their respective data sources for a combined purpose. He joined Candid’s board in 2020.

Matt is a Data and Society Fellow at the University of Chicago’s Knowledge Lab and the co-founder of the Data Science for Social Good fellowship, funded by Schmidt Futures. Matt has led dozens of major research and open innovation initiatives in interoperability, data governance, machine learning, and AI.

Prior to BrightHive, Matt worked at the US Treasury, University of Chicago’s Center for Data Science and Public Policy, and founded several companies using data to improve society. He's served as an advisor to Code for America, DataKind, and the World Bank, and currently serves on the board of Candid.

Matt is a graduate of Brigham Young University and the University of Chicago.