We see a future in which

  • everyone speaks honestly about what they do, what works, and what can be improved
  • people and organizations can make the greatest impact
  • private resources are deployed more effectively toward the public good

We want to help people

  • evaluate and share their work and the work of others
  • have access to tools that help them do their best work
  • improve their skills so they can improve the world

Our story

For a combined 88 years, Foundation Center and GuideStar each helped change the world by giving people the information they needed to do good.

But the world faces growing challenges: polarization, climate change, technological revolution, and poverty and inequality. That’s why we combined our talent, technology, data, and leadership to become a new organization, Candid. Now, it’s easier than ever to get the information you need to create change. 

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  • Mari Kuraishi, Co-chair
    Jessie Ball duPont Fund
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Work with us

We cultivate talent and collaboration

Candid staff are curious about the world around them and bring excellent technical, analytical, and interpersonal skills. Join us to support the people and organizations making a difference in the world.

Work with us

Funding us

How are we funded?

How are we funded?

Support from our generous donors allows us to maintain and strengthen our programs and services, most of which are free. In addition, earned income covers more than half of our operating budget.

Why support us?

Why support us?

Candid provides trusted information, data-driven tools, research, analysis, best practices, and trainings to help the social sector increase its ability to affect change and transform lives. When you support Candid, you support the millions of people who depend on our programs and services to make the world a better place.

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