Western region, Oakland-based Midwestern region, Cleveland-based Southern region, Atlanta-based

Northeastern region

Based in Washington, D.C., and New York, NY

Elizabeth Madjlesi
Programs Manager - Northeast
Catalina Spinel
Director of Partnerships - Northeast
Susan Shiroma
Network Engagement Manager - Northeast
Tracy Kaufman
Programs Manager

Midwestern region

Based in Cleveland, OH

David Holmes
Programs Manager - Midwest
Brian Schultz
Network Engagement Manager
Sam Ryder
Network Engagement Manager - Midwest

Southern region

Based in Atlanta, GA

Alexis Flannagan
Network Engagement Manager - South
Ivonne Simms
Programs Manager - South

Western region

Based in Oakland, CA

Krista Berry Ortega
Programs Manager - West
Lori Guidry
Network Engagement Manager - West

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