Create, collect, and manage information

Tell the story of philanthropy and civil society

We help civil society organizations around the world create, collect and manage knowledge and data, allowing them to construct an increasingly accurate picture of the scope and work of philanthropy and civil society in their region.

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Build capacity

Work smarter and increase your impact

We understand that philanthropy and civil society differ around the world, so we offer relevant and practical tools, resources, technical assistance, and trainings to increase the impact of your work and build the capacity of your organization.

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Facilitate partnerships

Get networked

We work with our partners worldwide to strengthen the sector and connect philanthropy to the broader development ecosystem.  We act as a thought leader, facilitator and convener to foster transparency and build the global knowledge base on philanthropy and civil society.

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Painting the global picture of philanthropy, facilitating global partnerships, and building capacity is our expertise.

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Our global reach

We know the work of building the global picture of philanthropy can only be done in collaboration.  Therefore, we work closely with more than 50 philanthropic, multi/bi-lateral and civil society partners around the world to draw insight from data to build a stronger, more transparent, and better networked civil society.  You can find us at Funding Information Network centers in 7 countries.

Our Global Projects & Partnerships team works to:

  • Elevate the role and voice of civil society and philanthropy 
  • Encourage greater collaboration between philanthropy and other sectors and funding sources
  • Promote the use of data and the adoption of standards for collecting and sharing information

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Global partnerships & initiatives

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Data strategy & capacity building program