The majority of nonprofit organizations are positioned to weather this storm, but our models show anywhere from 3 to 38% of nonprofits in the U.S. may shut their doors.

Paypal has committed the most for racial equity issues—but not as much as the Ford Foundation or MacKenzie Scott.

Since 2011, foundations have invested $9 billion to help democracy deliver on its promise to the American people.

Foundations continue to fund the fight against climate change. This may not be headline news right now, but we continue to track it.

We've compiled a list of funds specifically established in the wake of coronavirus, and there's still time to apply for many.

We have free webinars and courses on everything from grants research to cultivating relationships to getting your organization listed on 200+ charitable sites.

No. We just completed our annual study of nonprofit executive compensation. On average, women working in the social sector are still paid less than men.

That depends on a lot of things. We have a test you can take to determine if you're ready—and find the resources you need if you decide to go for it.

Funders have already given billions for racial equity issues in 2020. But historically, gifts focused on African Americans are only about 2 percent of funding in the U.S.

Since 2011, foundations have given $139.7 million in grants for voting access. But that isn't evenly distributed. See how much has gone to organizations in your state.

You can always use our databases to look up compensation at virtually any organization that interests you. We also issue an annual report on how much nonprofit executives make.

Movements aren't the same as organizations, so in some cases a direct donation isn't possible. Find out if the movement that inspires you has a fiscal sponsor.

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