Laura Bergman
Programs Assistant, West
Candid West
Krista Berry Ortega
Programs Manager - West
Candid West
Christine Bunting
Curriculum Design Manager
Michele Ragland Dilworth
Senior Director of Partnerships
Lori Guidry
Network Engagement Manager, West
David Holmes
Programs Manager, Midwest
Tracy Kaufman
Programs Manager
Elizabeth Madjlesi
Programs Manager, Northeast
Julieta Mendez
Senior Director of Programs
Kim Buckner Patton
Director of Partnerships, Northeast
Samantha Peddicord
Network Engagement Manager, Midwest
Brian Schultz
Network Engagement Manager
Susan Shiroma
Network Engagement Manager, Northeast
Ivonne Simms
Programs Manager, South
Candid South
Catalina Spinel
Programs Manager, New York Learning Center
Candid Northeast
Teleange′ Thomas
Director of Partnerships, Midwest
Elizabeth Zevada
Programs Specialist, New York Learning Center
Zohra Zori
Vice President for Social Sector Outreach