Laura Bergman
Programs Assistant, West
Candid West
Krista Berry Ortega
Programs Manager - West
Christine Bunting
Curriculum Design Manager
Michele Ragland Dilworth
Senior Director of Partnerships
Alexis Flannagan
Network Engagement Manager - South
Lori Guidry
Network Engagement Manager - West
David Holmes
Programs Manager - Midwest
Tracy Kaufman
Programs Manager
Elizabeth Madjlesi
Programs Manager - Northeast
Julieta Mendez
Senior Director of Network Engagement
Kim Buckner Patton
Director of Partnerships, Northeast
Samantha Peddicord
Network Engagement Manager - Midwest
Brian Schultz
Network Engagement Manager
Susan Shiroma
Network Engagement Manager - Northeast
Ivonne Simms
Programs Manager - South
Catalina Spinel
Programs Manager - New York Learning Center
Teleange′ Thomas
Director of Partnerships - Midwest
Elizabeth Zevada
Programs Specialist, New York Learning Center
Zohra Zori
Vice President of Networks