Programs Manager - New York Learning Center

Catalina Spinel is Programs Manager, New York Learning Center at Candid, as such she manages the day-to-day operations of Candid’s New York library and learning center where she connects social sector professionals to the resources they need to thrive. Catalina brings 14 years of experience in liaising between diverse groups of stakeholders to take a broad range of projects off the ground. Prior to joining Candid, she supported the expansion of the District-Charter Collaborative, a program of the New York City Department of Education that facilitates collaboration with the goals of improving instructional practices, student outcomes, and eliminating disparities along racial lines. She also led the creation of the United Nations Victims of Terrorism Support Portal, a global resource hub for information on issues on victims of terrorism.Catalina has consulted for UN Women, Luker Foundation, and Carvajal Foundation on their fundraising strategy. Over the past four years, she has served on the Board of Women Advancing Microfinance New York and has volunteered as a mentor for iMentor. Catalina holds a Master in Public Administration from Columbia University and a Business bachelor from Universidad de los Andes. She practices Kung Fu and loves riding her bike.