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Available for eligible grantmakers

Eligible grantmakers receive a free, customized website that can include program descriptions, application guidelines, grants lists, and other materials you specify.

  • Designing websites for almost 20 years
  • Professional design and maintenance
  • Premium level available for modest fee
Three websites: one with three people talking on a panel, one with a scientist, the last with an environmental researcher
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The Corbin Foundation

Helping enriching the lives of the people of Akron and Summit County, Ohio

About Foundation Websites

Foundation Websites is our web design and support service for private foundations and other grantmaking organizations.

Eligible grantmakers receive a free, customized website that can include program descriptions, application guidelines, grants lists, and other materials you specify.

We also offers a premium level of service-for a modest fee- with features that include hosting under your own domain name, site usage reports, a password-protected area, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Foundation Websites service?

Foundation Center creates and hosts free websites exclusively for grantmakers; we've been doing it since 1996. Today more than 200 grantmakers participate in the service.

Eligible grantmakers receive a custom site that can include program descriptions, application guidelines, grants lists, and other materials you would specify.

You get your own website at our address - Your Foundation Website would be live at the URL:

Who is eligible to participate?

Any domestic grantmaking private foundation, community foundation, or corporate foundation that does not already have a website is eligible, as well as other philanthropic organizations on a case-by-case basis.

Public charities are eligible, though their Foundation Website must include grantmaking information and application guidelines, and may not be substantially for the purposes of fundraising.

What are the benefits of a Foundation Website?

A Foundation Website helps increase your organization's visibility and recognition, enabling you to reach all of your diverse audiences simultaneously.

Grantmakers with a Foundation Website report receiving better proposals and answering fewer requests by phone and mail.

A Foundation Website offers these clear benefits:

  • Real savings in time and budget dollars
  • Free maintenance and technical support
  • Unparalleled personalized service
  • The experience and expertise of Foundation Center web specialists
Who are our Foundation Website clients?

With more than 200 foundations currently using our webhosting service, our clients run the gamut from modest family foundations just starting out to foundations with billions of dollars in assets.

View a list of participating foundations

What is included with a free Foundation Website?

What we provide at no cost:

  • We'll create a grants database displaying categorized grant lists - any number of years, any number of program areas, any number of grants.
  • We'll create a map of your last three year's grants (free - when you give us your grants data in electronic form).
  • We'll integrate your existing social media presence into the site (for a nominal fee we can help you get started on Facebook and Twitter).
  • We'll build basic inquiry and application webforms that send submissions to you by e-mail.

Service is included:

  • We are available during regular business hours to make updates, just email us your update.
  • Most requests are completed within 24 hours - and sooner if necessary.
  • Clients can also have access to make their own basic updates 24/7 - making them even more efficient, productive and effective.
  • There are no call or request limits - some clients contact us once a year, some once a week - no problem.
  • Your site can begin small and grow over time. Start with the basics, and when you are ready, we'll be ready to help.
What kinds of materials can be included in your Foundation Website?

What content a foundation includes on their site is as varied as foundation's themselves. Annual reports, contact information, mission statements, program descriptions, application guidelines, grants lists, images, and publications are just some of the range of material foundation's commonly add to their sites.

If you need help getting started, we've created a suggested list of content that foundations most often include. This list is largely through the lens of fairly well-established family/private foundations, so some of suggestions won't fit every foundation, but it's a good way to see the breadth and depth of content you can find on a typical foundation site. Anything you don't see, just ask and we'll gladly work with you to create the right space to present your material and ideas.

Can Foundation Websites have application forms?


Applications are as varied as foundations themselves - and we'll gladly accommodate your needs whether it is a simple list of questions or instructions for a third-party service.

  • We can create a form in Microsoft Word or as a PDF for applicants to download.
  • We can build online webforms for letters of inquiry and applications.
  • Basic webforms that send submission by email are at no cost.
  • More complex forms (e.g., forms that allow attachments and are tied to a user-friendly database) are available at added cost as part of our Premium Service.
Do you offer Premium Services?


Our Premium Webhosting Service hosts a wide range of sites from the modest to the feature rich.

We'll design, build and maintain your website and host it under a unique domain name of your choosing (for example

The service includes a fully custom design for your site, the ability to add on specialized tools to fit your needs as well as the maintenance of a private site for board and staff to share materials.

Who determines what my website looks like?

The appearance of website content is arrived at by our web designers working closely with each foundation. Inspiration for the look and feel of a site can be drawn from our existing array of client sites as well as from other sites and designs of interest to the foundation. Our free sites are generally more modest in design, while premium sites can have a truly custom look and feel.

How long does it take to create a Foundation Website?

A typical design and launch can happen in about 4-6 weeks, once we arrive at a design and receive content.

More complex sites require longer timelines, but we will always work with our clients to meet their timelines.

How frequently can websites be updated?

A Foundation Website can be updated as frequently as needed. Most requests sent by email are completed within 24 hours - and sooner if necessary. Because our goal is to remove as many barriers as possible, we have no limits on the frequency of changes or on the time required to make updates. What's more, with a quick tutorial, clients can have access to make their own basic changes 24/7 making them even more efficient, productive and effective. But even then, we're always here to do the heavy lifting - just ask!

Are Foundation Websites search engine optimized?

Our sites are optimized to make the best of the content you decide to include. Foundation Websites are coded using semantic HTML to reinforce the meaning of the information on your site's webpages, making it easier for search engines to read and cache the site's content, and in turn display it in search results.

Who should I contact to get started?

For more information about our Foundation Website service, contact:

Daniel Matz
Foundation Web Manager
t. 212 807 3696