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Perspectives from the field on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Surviving and thriving as fundraisers of color
by Ivonne Simms, Programs Manager, Candid
October 6, 2020

What can data tell us about racial equity in philanthropy?
by Jacob Harold, Executive Vice President, Candid
September 16, 2020

Recruiting for board diversity - without disrespecting people of color
by Jim Taylor, Vice President of Leadership Initiatives and Education, BoardSource
September 11, 2020

Funding landscape

Funding summary

Who's investing in racial equity and where is that funding going? Totals are cumulative since 2011.

Total Number of Funders
Total Number of Recipients
Total Number of Grants
Total Dollar Value of Grants

Funding commitments and grants paid are identified from publicly available sources, including press releases, websites, membership reports and surveys, and local reporting. Information on grants paid is also provided by a growing number of funders sharing data directly with Candid through eReporting. All cash grants and commitments and in-kind gifts with a dollar value are included. Grants including top funders and recipients, grants by subject, and an interactive map, are all freely accessible. The Council on Foundations and Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative have been key partners in sourcing fund information and grants data. All data should be attributed to Candid with access date identified.

Map of the United States with state highlighting
Funding map
Visualize the data and access grant-level information

U.S. foundation grants awarded to U.S. recipients to address issues related to racial equity since 2011

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      Knowing where money is going and how, and having the latest information from organizations, facilitates thoughtful collaboration and decision making.

      Candid gets you the information you need to do good. That’s why we created this webpage to raise awareness about funding for racial equity efforts, and activities in the social sector meant to realize racial equity. This page was updated in June 2020 to include news, data, and information specific to the philanthropic response to the murder of George Floyd and the events following it. 

      To help you get started with your exploration of this issue, and to ground the content found on this webpage, we offer this definition of race equity supplied by our partner, Equity in the Center. This and other terms and concepts are discussed in Equity in the Center’s publication, "Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture":

      "The condition that would be achieved if one’s race identity no longer influenced how one fares. Race equity is one part of race justice and must be addressed at the root causes and not just the manifestations. This includes the elimination of policies, practices, attitudes, and cultural messages that reinforce differential outcomes by race or fail to eliminate them."

      This page updates automatically several times a day as data and news are added to our database. We code the data according to our taxonomy. The news section pulls from 300,000 source articles that our news bot regularly scans for relevant information. Content other than news and data comes from Candid products, services, programs, initiatives, and partnerships.

      Note: Candid neither endorses nor disagrees with the information on this page. Our goals are to provide as complete a picture as possible, as objectively as possible, of philanthropy’s activities; to enable decision making based on facts, and to promote a general understanding of the issue.

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