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Who's investing in, and pledging to fund, the reponse to coronavirus? Where is that funding going? Granted and pledged totals are displayed in aggregate here.

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Funding pledges and grants paid are identified from publicly available sources, including press releases, websites, membership reports and surveys, and local reporting. Information on grants paid is also provided by a growing number of funders sharing data directly with Candid through eReporting. All cash grants, pledges, and in-kind gifts with a dollar value are included. Grant and pledge data, including top funders and recipients data, data by subject, and an interactive map that supplies grant and pledge data visualizations, are all freely accessible. The Council on Foundations and Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative have been key partners in sourcing fund information and grant/pledge data. All data should be attributed to Candid with access date identified. 

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Visualize and access grant-level information. The map defaults to pledges and grants aggregated. Use the "transaction type" filter to select a grants-only or pledges-only data set.

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      Hilton Foundation granted $250,000 to Brilliant Corners to support preparations and responses for individuals experiencing homelessness.

      ViequesLove is providing PPE, training, and contact tracing on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

      Alwaleed Philanthropies granted $1.5M to Splash International to provide clean water and promote handwashing in rural and urban areas in South Asia and Africa.

      Foundations can email to share grants data, and nonprofits can update their nonprofit profile with COVID-19 activities under programs.

      Funding opportunities

      Funds and RFPs

      Candid is compiling a list of funds specifically established in the wake of coronavirus. The list focuses on funds hosted at US-based foundations that serve nonprofits, though others outside of this criteria may appear as well.

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      * Based on data, in U.S. dollars, collected for roughly six months following Hurricane Harvey, Australian bushfires, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, and Hurricane Dorian.

      COVID-19 virus and shield

      Research from the field

      Candid is committed to keeping our COVID-19-specific learning opportunities free of charge.


      External resources

      Additional resources from other organizations

      With an increase in hardships due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, organizations have created resources for nonprofits and foundations on how to address the impact of the virus. In an effort to avoid duplication of existing lists and resources, we are compiling this list with a focus on umbrella philanthropy and nonprofit-serving organizations.

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      Organizations around the globe have surveyed foundations, civil society organizations, and individuals to learn more about how the pandemic has impacted them. Candid has aggregated these surveys in one list.

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      Knowing where the money is going and how, and having the latest information from organizations, facilitates thoughtful collaboration and decision-making in times of crisis.  

      Candid gets you the information you need to do good. That’s why we created this pop-up webpage to share the philanthropic response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Knowing where money is going and how, and having the latest information from organizations, facilitates thoughtful collaboration and decision-making in times of crisis.  

      The page updates automatically as data and news are added to our database. The data is derived from news articles and other sources, and funders who directly share their funding data with us. We code the data according to our taxonomy. The news section pulls from 300,000 source articles that we regularly scan for relevant information. Check back regularly for updates. 

      Visit this free disaster funding map to track giving to disasters, including coronavirus. The Center for Disaster Philanthropy also has several resources that can help funders be effective in their response to this crisis.

      Please direct media inquiries to Adia Colar, Communications and Outreach Manager, at