Director of Software Engineering

Virginia manages the software engineering and deployment lifecycle for She directs development efforts for subscription web products, including GuideStar Pro and GuideStar Charity Check, Library Services, Pro Search, GuideStar Profiles, and GuideStar’s commerce systems. Virginia provides technical leadership on system migrations, cloud adoption, and new feature introduction at Candid.

Virginia has worked on software engineering teams since 2001.  Early in her career, Virginia worked on whole earth visualization for Autometric Associates (eventually The Boeing Company). From 2005 to 2007 she developed device encryption for GuardianEdge Technologies, Inc. and in 2008 worked on spacecraft visualizations for Analytical Mechanics Associates. Virginia joined GuideStar in 2009, focusing on web product development, eventually leading its GuideStar subscription products Agile team. As GuideStar and the Foundation Center joined forces to become Candid, Virginia coordinated knowledge sharing among the new technology groups. Virginia stays involved in the local nonprofit sector by volunteering as a leader for Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

She holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Virginia and an M.S. in Computer Science from the College of William and Mary.