Senior Director of Software Engineering

Tom is responsible for the Williamsburg based application engineering staff and the Candid technical standards compliance effort. He is responsible for hiring and overall management of the Williamsburg development and testing staffs. He also serves as a technical consultant for Agile Team Falkor which maintains the Profile Update Program; primarily helping with story development and data reporting. He is leading the effort to collect the security documentation necessary for Candid to become certified as compliant with appropriate of industry standards.

His career includes hands on work in testing, development, maintenance, R&D, prototyping, data delivery, sales and marketing support, and the management of both small and large software staffs. Tom has worked on government contracts for Syscon Corporation (1986-94), 3GI Inc. (1994-2000), and Maximus Inc. (2000-05). He has worked on product development and maintenance at 3GI Inc., GuardianEdge Inc. (2005-07), GuideStar Inc. (2008-19), and now at Candid Inc. (2019-present).

Tom graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1982 with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree and again in 1988 with a Masters of Computer Science (MS).