C. Renée Westmoreland
Managing Director of Design & Marketing

Renée is inspired by design that works. She oversees the development of the Candid brand and its marketing, as well as the creation of innovative digital solutions that inform and educate the social sector and tell the stories of the work of foundations. She is proud to have been part of the team that created and launched Candid when Foundation Center and GuideStar joined forces in 2019.

Renée first connected with nonprofit work in high school as a volunteer for a therapeutic riding program and began her professional career at GMHC, the nation’s largest service organization for people living with HIV/AIDS, in 1991. She led more than 100 social service intake volunteers who assessed and oriented new clients, after having been an intake volunteer herself. She later shifted her focus to design and communications, while at GMHC, and launched the organization’s first website in 1995.

Renée joined Foundation Center in 1997 to work on its first website, and since then has helped the organization to serve the social sector through evolving technologies and effective user experiences. She has overseen the design and development of many websites, including Foundation Directory Online, Philanthropy News Digest, Candid.org, and a series of issue-based websites about the important work of philanthropy, such as SDGfunders, Advancing Human Rights, and Candid’s Coronavirus popup website.

Renée holds a B.S. in advertising from the University of Florida’s College of Journalism.