Senior Director of Sales

Bunkie is focused running a national team that delivers comprehensive Candid solutions for partners and clients. She leads the team responsible for acquiring and retaining clients by offering Candid products and services and is tenacious in her pursuit of sustainable revenue to support Candid’s mission.

Bunkie has spent 30 years in the nonprofit sector as a program provider, fundraising and in sustainable revenue production. In the beginning of her career she developed, directed and implemented new programming for The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. From 1994 - 2000 she worked with many local nonprofits helping to file for their exempt 501c3 status, managing programming, fundraising and advocacy. Bunkie’s passionate belief that the social sector is fundamental to our ability to change the world and make it better led her to GuideStar. From 2000-2019 Bunkie worked to support GuideStar’s mission developing new products, selling those products and building the sales infrastructure to offer those new products to clients all over the country at scale. At Candid Bunkie brings all her experience to offering a larger suite of products and services to an even more varied client base.  Bunkie is board chair of The Studio South Foundation bringing yoga practices to community in need. She attended VCU and has a certificate in Nonprofit Management from VCU as well.