Senior Director of Candid Support

Betty oversees a range of Candid’s user advisory and support services, including the claims and completion process for GuideStar Profiles, a live online librarian chat service, and general support for nonprofits.  Betty and her team take great pride in providing this wide scope of real-time, support services for free to anyone who needs help. Together, her team conducts more than 100,000 conversations annually, on-line and over the phone; making Candid’s suite of support-offerings one of the most unique in the social sector.

Betty joined GuideStar over 16 years ago and prior to assuming leadership of Candid Support, held a variety of positions with increasing levels of responsibility in the areas of Business Operations, Account Management and Sales.  One of her major accomplishments during this period was implementing systems, operations, and staffing that supported the sale and distribution of nonprofit data and services to the sector.  Prior to that, Betty held a wide range of positions in the field of telecommunications where she first gained her business experience.

Betty holds a B.A. in English from the College of William and Mary and an M.B.A. from Virginia Tech. Betty is a long-time resident of Williamsburg, Virginia, and is active with several nonprofits that promote the health and wellness of children in her local area.