Director of Business Development
Bellingham, WA

Adrian connects and consults with professionals at businesses, foundations, universities, and within government who are working to support the social sector using data and information. He leads the development of new business across the 26 states west of the Mississippi.

Adrian is most comfortable and effective working at the margins between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. He uses his communication talent to connect two somewhat separate worlds with the goal of boosting impact in the social sector. A big part of his career has been spent teaching, building, and making progress for environmental education. For 15 years of his career, Adrian worked for these organizations: the Montana Conservation Corps, NatureBridge, Audubon New Hampshire, and the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association – in roles as varied as field teacher to capital campaign director. Today, to keep his voice and expertise involved in environmental education he serves as vice board chair at Wild Whatcom within his hometown of Bellingham, WA.

Business school led Adrian to GuideStar in 2016. His focus has been to establish new markets across the west with organizations that consider nonprofit data and information imperative for growth and success.