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New York, NY - May 15, 2018.  As the leading source of philanthropic data worldwide, Foundation Center today relaunches, its learning community that serves as a portal to valuable support resources for the social sector. Through GrantSpace, Foundation Center provides self-service tools and trainings to help nonprofits be more effective in their work.

GrantSpace was originally launched in 2010, a time when the economy was struggling to recover from a deep recession, and most nonprofit organizations were cutting back on their activities. Learning behaviors have continued to diversify (1,2), and there’s a scarcity of financial support for professional development within the social sector, despite an acknowledged need for talent (3). GrantSpace aimed to deliver valuable insights and essential knowledge to aspiring and active social sector professionals, providing them with in-person and on-demand trainings, knowledge tools, and opportunities to convene with like-minded peers and experts in the industry.  

“ has evolved into more than just an information hub; it is now a fresh and robust virtual gateway to connect nonprofits with the resources they need to thrive – on their own schedule and at their own pace, says John Colborn, Foundation Center Trustee and Chief Operating Officer of JEVS Human Services. “The carefully curated content available on the site complements the in-person offerings made accessible at the Center’s regional hubs and 400+ Funding Information Network partner sites across the globe. For nonprofit organizations like JEVS Human Services, having a resource like GrantSpace helps keep us abreast of developments in the field and access training and other resources for the development of our staff. I’m thrilled to see the new GrantSpace as a place to land, linger, and learn.”

The new site design features an enhanced, user-centered interface for simpler navigation. New geolocation options on GrantSpace allow users to easily search for events, locations, and programs in their own community. For those grantseeking on the go, GrantSpace is now built for mobile, so that users can access any area of the site from any device.

“With hosting more than 2 million sessions each year, it was imperative for us to put our users at the center of the site-design. We have a deep appreciation for varying learning styles of social sector professionals - they’re busy individuals who are trying to do good in the world and we can’t make it hard for them to get to the resources they need,” says Bradford Smith, President of Foundation Center. “The new GrantSpace elevates our popular trainings and convenings, while making it easier for the public to get what they need, when they need it.”

The relaunch of GrantSpace was funded by our generous partners at the Fidelity Charitable Trustees’ Initiative. Visit the new today. Be sure to subscribe to the GrantSpace newsletter and connect with us on Twitter @GrantSpace to never miss out on a special event or learning opportunity.


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