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New York, NY -- March 19, 2015. Foundation Center, the leading authority on information about philanthropy worldwide, has launched Foundation Maps Professional 2.0. The Foundation Mapsdata visualization platform, which illustrates the distribution and purposes of funding around the world through maps and charts, has incorporated two new major features. The geographic "Area Served" functionality outlines on maps the places where grant dollars are targeted apart from the locations of organizations receiving the grants. "Constellations" is a new hub-and-spokes view of the philanthropic universe that reveals funder-grantee networks in an innovative visual format. Foundation Center has also introduced a 24-hour free trial of Foundation Maps Professional 2.0and a series of free monthly webinar demonstrations.

"Funders are skilled at using their networks, practical experience, and issue-based knowledge to be effective in their work," said Lisa Philp, Foundation Center's vice president for strategic philanthropy. "Foundation Maps Professional 2.0greatly supplements this personal expertise by revealing potential new partners with similar interests, assisting in a strategic analysis of trends, and providing data that can tell stories through compelling visuals."

Foundation Maps Professional 2.0offers a variety of interactive maps, charts, and other visualizations that, when combined with robust search and filtering options, creates a picture of almost any slice of philanthropy a user can conceive. It currently includes more than 3 million grants made by 38,000 foundations to 350,000 recipients, and new data is added every week.

The new geographic Area Served feature produces maps that provide a deeper understanding of where funding is benefitting communities. This additional layer of information about where grant dollars are actually being used -- beyond the location of the grant recipient -- provides a critical level of knowledge that heretofore has been difficult to obtain, and which users have requested.

The new Constellations feature illustrates at a glance the broader ecosystem of particular philanthropic networks, which can be defined by the user using the Foundation Mapsstandard search filters. Constellations highlights the relative size of funding relationships in a network, providing a simple way for users to explore which organizations are (and aren't) connected to their areas of interest and see patterns among their peer groups. For additional context, it also offers comparative data on selected key indicators for each network.

The Foundation Mapsplatform, first launched last October, shows who is funding what and where around the world, helping funders and other nonprofits understand the philanthropic landscape and acquire the insights that inform strategic decision making. It is available by subscriptionand free accessand serves as the basis for a variety of barterand customprojects.

To help potential users better understand its many powerful interactive features, including Area Served and Constellations, Foundation Center has introduced a convenient 24-hour free trialof Foundation Maps Professional 2.0. In addition, a series of free webinars held on the first Wednesday of each month offers a personal conversation with Foundation Center experts and developers who reveal the hidden depths of the application and its practical uses. Register for the first webinar on April 1.

Foundation Mapsand the free trial can be accessed at


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