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New York, NY—July 16, 2020. Candid today announced its 2030 Vision, which focuses on providing the social sector with the information it needs to be a force for good in the world. “We help the helpers. Our goal over the next decade is to build an information infrastructure that supports organizations tackling the greatest issues of our time,” said Candid executive vice president Jacob Harold, who led the process to develop Candid’s vision.  

Candid 2030 Vision

The 2030 Vision’s 10-year frame reflects the long-view required to tackle enduring challenges. Candid will collect, analyze, and distribute data and insights about the work of the social sector, organized around five strategies: 

  • Real time: Build a real time global data collection system to capture funding flows, news, and outcomes 
  • Common profile: Establish common profiles with key information on social sector organizations to optimize transparency and reduce redundancy 
  • Real places: Create place-based networks to access Candid data and connect with other changemakers 
  • Full view: Weave Candid datasets together to share all that is known about the social sector accessibly and intuitively  
  • Full story: Explain the social sector’s contributions to society through fresh insights grounded in a multi-year research agenda 

With these strategies, Candid will provide organizations with greater access to resources and skills; increase transparency, accountability, and trust in the sector; and continue its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Candid president Brad Smith said, “We can see from philanthropy’s unprecedented response to COVID-19 and the recent drive to end systemic racism why it is so crucial to get people timely and trustworthy information that they can transform into action. Our 2030 Vision enables us to do this more effectively on a bigger scale.” 

In addition to launching its new vision, Candid recently added two new board members. Jeff Jones is the director of enterprise applications and business intelligence at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Mosun Layode is the executive director of the African Philanthropy Forum. 

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