Neal R. Hegarty
Vice President—Programs
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Flint, MI

Neal is the vice president of programs at the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, in Flint, Michigan. He has held several positions within the Foundation, most recently as director of the Flint Area grantmaking program focusing on the redevelopment of downtown Flint and workforce and economic development initiatives in the Flint area. Neal also managed the Reducing Barriers to Employment portfolio on the Pathways Out of Poverty program (now titled Pathways to Opportunity program) and has worked on several of the Foundation's Special Initiatives projects for statewide and regional economic revitalization. Neal joined the Mott Foundation in January 2000. He holds a bachelor's degree from Texas Tech University and a master's degree from Michigan State University.

Neal, his wife Amanda, and two sons reside in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation was founded in Flint, Michigan, in 1926, by a General Motors pioneer and is a private philanthropy committed to supporting projects that promote a just, equitable, and sustainable society. It supports nonprofit programs throughout the United States and, on a limited geographic basis, internationally.