Chief Executive
Uniti Networks

Kami Dar is an impact-focused leader and expert on systems, automation, data analytics, and talent management in the global development and impact sector. He is currently co-founder and chief executive of Uniti Networks, a startup seeking to accelerate digital service adoption among the bottom billion with a focus on equitable access and impact. Kami joined Candid’s board in 2021.

Previously, Kami served as co-founder and innovator-in-chief at the media platform for global development, Devex, where he spent nearly two decades leading a team of analysts, researchers, engineers, and designers to deliver the world-class technologies that made Devex the definitive hub for more than a million development professionals.

He has worked closely with external development partners, including Oxfam and the World Bank, and tackled complex integrations and strategic alignment with a diverse group of technology partners and platforms ranging from ERP and analytics to agile management and algorithmically-driven solutions for mapping of development activities.

Earlier, Kami worked on systems consulting and product deployment with the U.S. Government at a large technology consulting firm. He subsequently worked on the design and development of a monitoring & evaluation (M&E) platform for a $54 million USAID program.

Kami advises organizations engaged in large-scale system change in pursuit of the Global Goals. He still serves on the Devex Board of Directors as well as the European Board of WorldReader -- a leader in digital reading in under-served communities worldwide -- and the board of AfricaWorks, a non-profit supporting expertise and talent on the African continent.